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Ms_Dos - MS-DOS_Programme

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Ms_Dos - Fidonet MS-DOS_Programme
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
SPLITV10.ZIP 32002 1997-06-14 14:34:00 File Split v1.0 SPLITV10.ZIP
STORM3C.ZIP 183365 1998-06-18 12:14:14 Stormy weather tracking system STORM3C.ZIP
STRPH102.ZIP 13794 1998-10-11 18:15:38 DOS utility to strip HTML tags from a document. Freeware. Copyright (c) 1995 by Robert B. Clark <rclark STRPH102.ZIP
SYSCHK.ZIP 124980 1998-03-27 23:12:22 SYSCHK v2.45 <ASP> - System Info Checker. System information utility provides complete details on devices installed in your system. Clean, easy to use menus show CPU, IRQs, BIOS Bus Type, Mouse Info, Port Info, IDE and SCSI disks, CD-ROM, TSR i SYSCHK.ZIP
T-SEC104.ZIP 16596 1999-04-29 05:41:32 T-Secure: Freeware Encryption program. T-Secure is a powerful encryption program which encrypts files using a given password and protects them from being read and/or used. It is also possible to encrypt a file many times, using different passwords T-SEC104.ZIP
TDEL265.ZIP 87191 1998-10-14 20:08:06 The *PERFECT* replacement for the pathetic MS-DOS/4DOS DEL command! Fast, colorful, reliable, secured, easy-to-use. Options & features: Advanced confirmation methods; Filters (size/date/age/attributes) 3 Wiping methods; Recursive DEL; Del e TDEL265.ZIP
TDEL266.ZIP 88317 1999-04-29 05:39:48 The *PERFECT* replacement for the MS-DOS/4DOS DEL command! Fast, colorful, reliable, secured, easy-to-use. Options & features: Advanced confirmation methods; Filters (size/date/age/attributes), much more! TDEL266.ZIP
TETRIS85.ZIP 20432 2013-09-07 02:20:40 The Original Tetris game (by those 2 Russian guys ) plus a slowdown utility for any processor speed. See Tetris.Bat 1st, Free TETRIS85.ZIP
TIMES-10.ZIP 3755 1998-03-29 00:15:24 =- Time Stamp v1.0 - Set files' times -= Set a file (or group of files') time stamps to an exact value. Useful for identifying versions of files (i.e. for programmers and authors). Does not alter files' dates. TIMES-10.ZIP
TOVE002.ZIP 11585 1997-06-04 17:28:00 (Beschreibung fehlt) TOVE002.ZIP
TTRACK21.ZIP 78096 1998-08-13 03:05:42 TwinTracker is a MS-DOS utility program which can detect duplicate files, files of exactly the same size (in bytes - still duplicates in high probability) and files of the same name in a specified directory on your harddisk including all subdir TTRACK21.ZIP
TXTAB712.ZIP 90491 1998-01-16 11:33:00 TXTABLE.EXE (7.12): Program to TXTAB712.ZIP
TXTAB803.ZIP 90457 1998-04-01 00:27:28 TXTABLE.EXE (8.03): Program to generate text tables. Allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software TXTAB803.ZIP
TXTAB806.ZIP 91604 1998-07-29 09:29:48 TXTABLE.EXE (8.06): Program to generate text tables. Allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software TXTAB806.ZIP
TXTAB812.ZIP 92131 1998-12-31 01:17:18 v8.12 program to generate text tables. allows inputs to be html-based as well as one-record per cell. freeware. TXTAB812.ZIP
U2D11.ZIP 7827 1998-10-11 18:16:18 UNIX2DOS v1.1 - Text filter that converts UNIX-style text files to DOS-style text and vice-versa. Freeware. Copyright (c) 1995 by Robert B. Clark <rclark Freeware. U2D11.ZIP
UTILNET.POL 3440 1997-08-11 11:14:00 Information and policy document regarding UTILNET FDN. UTILNET.POL
UW250B7.ZIP 27002 1999-04-29 06:08:20 Delete unwanted and temporary files. Freeware. UW250B7.ZIP
VBEHZ.ZIP 32038 1999-03-03 10:03:36 Set user defined refresh rates for VESA modes. VBEHz is a 600 Byte TSR which allows you to set user defined refresh rates for the VESA modes 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768. You can change the sync polarity and fine-tune the refresh rates to make fixe VBEHZ.ZIP
VC.ZIP 36370 1993-07-03 09:34:38 Visual Compare (2 Files vergleichen) VC.ZIP
VID30F.ZIP 668182 1997-12-15 12:10:00 THE INVOICE STORE V. 4.0 An Invoicing, POS & Customer Tracking system for the small business. Very simple to learn & use, and requires no accounting background Perfect for any mailorder, retail, service, or any business that requires invoicing. VID30F.ZIP
VID41.ZIP 665186 1998-12-30 13:41:42 THE VIDEO STORE 4.1 A POS system for the video rental stores. Supports customers, inventory, sales, salesmen, products, rentals, payments, late fees, multiple levels of security, reservations and 0/1/2 sales taxes. Supports popular POS hardware VID41.ZIP
VIEWS196.ZIP 134047 1997-06-14 14:34:00 (Beschreibung fehlt) VIEWS196.ZIP
WARNING.ZIP 36060 1997-06-14 14:34:00 (Beschreibung fehlt) WARNING.ZIP
WCD21D16.ZIP 59001 1998-07-11 18:09:56 16-bit version Wcd. Powerful directory changer for DOS(-box) and Unix. (Another NCD-clone that also works under Unix.) Source code released in PDNCEE. WCD21D16.ZIP
WCD21D32.ZIP 93766 1998-07-11 18:11:08 32-bit version WCD. Powerful directory changer for DOS(-box) and Unix (32-bit). (Another NCD-clone that also works under Unix.). Source code released in PDNCEE. WCD21D32.ZIP
WCD22D16.ZIP 52122 1999-04-15 19:25:24 WCD Directory changer 16 bit WCD22D16.ZIP
WCD22D32.ZIP 102183 1999-04-15 19:25:02 WCD Directory changer 32 bit. A fast 32 bit DOS version which supports long directory names in a Windows 95 Dosbox. Requires 80386 CPU or higher. WCD22D32.ZIP
WCD22DBH.ZIP 103047 1999-04-15 20:17:00 WCD Directory changer 32 bit. This version is to be used in the DJGPP DOS port of the Unix Bourne Again Shell (BASH) Requires 80386 CPU or higher and bash. WCD22DBH.ZIP
WIPE-303.ZIP 10573 1998-03-29 00:10:58 =- Wipe v3.03 - File security utility -= "Wipe out" confidential files with one of the smallest, yet fastest and most powerful data security utilities ever written. Needs a PC system, DOS v2.0/Win and 68 KB of RAM. WIPE-303.ZIP
XDDS.ZIP 365742 1998-04-07 23:42:14 DeluxeDraw Animator 2.0 DeluxeDraw Animator is an advanced paint program/image editor for the DOS operating system. 13 video modes are supported up to 1280x1024x256 colors. Supported file formats are PCX and BMP. XDDS.ZIP
XX453.ZIP 751634 1999-02-21 17:38:56 Access 4.53 DOS Menu program. SVGA, VESA, Mouse. Req 386+, SVGA, 2mb XMS. XX453.ZIP
ZCOPY35.ZIP 62037 1998-03-29 00:37:54 ZCOPY V3.5 - XCOPY replacement, copies whole directories and/or files, can skip same files, copies attributes/date and time, copies read/only, hidden and system files, synchronize dirs, conditional date/time copy, and gives more information abo ZCOPY35.ZIP
ZEROIN26.ZIP 29222 1997-11-12 11:59:00 ZeroIn v2.6 Simon Carter,Crystal Software DOS 3.1+, 49k. THE ultimate replacement for MS-DOS's CD (or CHDIR) command. Matches names by wildcard or partial matching by truncating, extending or correcting the name typed! Multiple matches can disp ZEROIN26.ZIP
ZEROIN27.ZIP 33412 1998-04-27 11:33:32 Replacement for CD command, with partial name matching, history list, aliases. A must have for Windows 95 long filenames. List for multiple matches. Does NOT use index files. Matches / and \, ... etc. Handles typos, name truncation and extensio ZEROIN27.ZIP
Total 35 Files, 4196 Kilobytes
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