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W32Sto - Fidonet Win32:_Systools
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AE97PR.ZIP 872891 1999-10-28 22:09:24 Advanced Excel 97 Password Recovery 1.1 <ASP> Forgot your password for Microsoft Excel 97 document? Don't worry, this utility may help you to guess it. Write-reservation, workbook and sheet passwords can be recovered recovered instantly. To get the password required to open the file, the program uses the "brute-force" attack, based on the options you set (minumum/ maximum password len, character set and mask); dictionary-based attack is also available. AE97PR.ZIP
AO97PR.ZIP 967501 1999-10-28 22:09:40 Advanced Office 97 Password Recovery 1.1 <ASP> Forgot your password for Microsoft Office 97 document? Don't worry, this utility may help you to guess it. The following passwords can be recovered instantly: for Microsoft Access 95/97 databases; all ones for documents created in French version of Microsoft Office; write-reservation passwords; passwords for workbook and individual sheets (Excel). The passwords required to open Word/Excel documents can recovered using "brute-force" and dictionary attacks, highly optimized for speed (the performance is about 50 million passwords per minute on modern CPUs. AO97PR.ZIP
APPLOK95.ZIP 498791 1998-01-27 00:13:22 Password protect any windows application Win95/NT APPLOK95.ZIP
AUTHODBC.ZIP 1885520 1998-01-14 12:12:44 Protect IIS directories without NT usernames AUTHODBC.ZIP
AW97PR.ZIP 856069 1999-10-28 22:09:58 Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery 1.1 <ASP> Forgot your password for Microsoft Word 97 document? Don't worry, this utility may help you to guess it. Write-reservation password can be recovered recovered instantly. To get the password required to open the file, the program uses the "brute-force" attack, based on the options you set (minumum/maximum password len, character set and mask); dictionary-based attack is also available. Non-english characters are supported. The performance is about three million passwords per minute (on Pentium II). AW97PR.ZIP
CMPEX141.ZIP 155460 1998-01-27 00:21:06 Logs system files/dirs changes by prog install/start auch NT4 CMPEX141.ZIP
CONS107.ZIP 348866 1997-12-28 18:33:56 Console utilities 1.07 for Windows 95/NT - These are Unix-like utilities to be used from the command line in a DOS box. They are true Win32 applications: Count: Count bytes, characters, letters, vowels, consonants, words, lines sentences, words per sentence and letters per word. Cpy: Copy and updates files. Enhanced xcopy command. Cut: Extract some columns, rows, fields or bytes from a file. Detab: Substitute spaces for Tabs. Entab: Substitute Tabs for spaces. FileComp: Compare lines from files. Head: Dump the first few lines or characters of a file. Paste: Merge lines from different files. Sort: Enhanced sort and merge utility. Tail: Dump the last few lines or characters of a file. Trail: Fix end of lines. CONS107.ZIP
DISKEEP.ZIP 1297205 1997-08-31 18:35:50 Diskeeper[R] Lite for Windows NT[R] V1.1.137 -- x86 Platform,the most famous Defrag-Utilitie for your Hardisk.Runnig with NT 4.0,Servicepack 2 or higher ! Diskeeper Lite is only supported at this time on laptop or notebook computers running Service Pack 2 for Windows NT 4.0. (c) Copyright 1997 Executive Software International, Inc. All rights reserved. DISKEEP.ZIP
DISKTEC.ZIP 171679 1997-12-28 18:34:02 What can you do with Disktective? Some examples: 1 With this program you can find out what is eating up your precious disk-space by showing you the distribution of the occupied space. 2 When you want to back up a complete directory structure on a disk or tape of limited size or send it through a network, you need to know the size and distribution of the structure. If it is too large, you can take appropriate actions (like removing cer Disktective can calculate the REAL size of a directory or disk. That is INCLUDING the sum of the bytes residing in every file, subdirectory, subsubdirectory, etc. and taking into account the CLUSTER SIZE of the disk. On demand, a REPORT will be created, containing the complete directory structure and distribution including all REAL sizes, in an expandable tree view. Disktective is created by Henk Hagedoorn, Amsterdam: e-mail DISKTEC.ZIP
DISKVIEW.ZIP 895753 1997-06-02 19:05:58 Shows usage of local and LAN-Drives in text and graphical DISKVIEW.ZIP
DM201FSU.ZIP 13793906 1998-08-25 14:29:24 Integrated benchmarking & monitoring measurement DM201FSU.ZIP
DO32V301.ZIP 3320229 1997-11-09 23:07:38 Diskorganizer f r WIN NT und WIN95.Organisiert die Programme ihrer Festplatte. Nie wieder suchen. :-) DO32V301.ZIP
DOMADMIN.ZIP 1130012 1998-01-14 16:04:54 Domain Administrator tool for Windows NT DOMADMIN.ZIP
EALTD10.ZIP 1704683 1999-11-01 11:02:52 Event Archiver Ltd - An Event Log Mangagement Utility EALTD10.ZIP
EHAM301B.ZIP 2791395 1998-10-01 19:13:44 High Availability Software for Clustering NT Servers EHAM301B.ZIP
ELADMIN.ZIP 1176687 1998-01-25 22:10:26 Enterprise Audit Policy and Event Log Management ELADMIN.ZIP
ERDISK1.ZIP 714700 1998-01-14 12:22:56 Create Emergency Repair Disks for all your NTs at once ERDISK1.ZIP
EURO.ZIP 1338545 1998-11-25 19:03:12 Update fuer NT 4.0 f r das Eurosymbol. Beiliegende liesmich.txt erkl rt die Installation. EURO.ZIP
LSTOOLS.ZIP 1741492 1998-08-24 19:17:26 Six easy to use utilities for WinNT/95 desktop support. LSTOOLS.ZIP
MBACK10.ZIP 705753 1998-01-27 00:28:56 Backup/Synchronize files and/or directories.Win95/NT MBACK10.ZIP
MODEM521.ZIP 40126 1997-08-17 18:22:28 FaxModem Wizard,v5.21,f r NT und DOS,l uft nicht unter WIN95 ! Fine tune your Modem and resolve COM-IRQ problems. MODEM521.ZIP
MRMIRROR.ZIP 814535 1997-08-17 18:22:06 Mr.Mirror, v.1.02,Creates mirror immages of a selection of directories MRMIRROR.ZIP
NETEXEC.ZIP 102503 1997-11-16 18:44:30 Was ist NetExec ? NetExec ist ein Dienst f Windows NT 4.0 oder h her, der es erlaubt einen Prozess (Programm) unter einer beliebigen Benutzerkennung (nat rlich mit dem entsprechenden Passwort) zu starten. Dieser Prozess hat dann genau die Rechte, die der entsprechende * Durch NetExec wird der Internet Explorer sicher! Mit NetExec ist es auch m glich den Internetexplorer unter einer beliebigen Kennung zu starten. Somit laufen dann auch alle ActiveX und Java-Applets unter dieser Kennung und somit kann man deren Zugriff Des weiteren ist in dem Paket noch der Desktop-Manager DeskMan.exe (Beta) enthalten, mit dem es m glich ist mehrere Desktops anzulegen (auch unter anderen Kennungen) und zwischen diesen umzuschalten. NETEXEC.ZIP
NMUM23B1.ZIP 66232 1998-01-14 12:15:34 Tool for managing users, groups, shares and ACLs NMUM23B1.ZIP
NMUM25.ZIP 236338 1998-09-06 19:08:22 No description available NMUM25.ZIP
NT4SP4I.ZIP 32691467 1998-10-25 20:55:00 Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4 e. Intel NT4SP4I.ZIP
NTA2.ZIP 78284 1998-01-14 12:15:48 The Ultimate Commandline Shell for Windows NT NTA2.ZIP
NTA2RT.ZIP 613644 1998-01-14 12:16:10 Runtime needed for New Technology Shell NTA2RT.ZIP
NTADR100.ZIP 153054 1998-08-09 14:57:46 Add-Remove Pro - v1.00 This is a very useful tool for both Windows 95 and NT. Add-Remove Pro takes care of all those programs that are in your add-remove folder but are not installed on your computer. NTADR100.ZIP
NTAWNV54.ZIP 1708767 1998-08-09 14:48:18 Auto WinNet - v5.4 Automates many routine functions: FTP, USENET, Mail Attachments etc. Step into the world of automation! NTAWNV54.ZIP
NTEMAN11.ZIP 397183 1998-08-09 14:58:34 NASTA Event Manager - v1.1 NASTA Event Manager 1.1 is an NT event monitoring utility for single servers and enterprise networks. It scans the events in NT workstations and servers in the network and sends email messages as soon as it detects events matchin g pre-defined condtions. Event Manager also creates an HTML-formatted audit log which illustrates the security events much better than the Event Viewer shipping with NT. NTEMAN11.ZIP
NTGMP214.ZIP 774747 1998-05-31 18:24:54 Idyle GimmIP - v2.14 Monitors IP addresses, gives visual information about network problems, logs problems with monitored address, lots more. Excellent utility. NTGMP214.ZIP
NTHDLED.ZIP 632501 1997-08-19 18:13:02, Zeigt in der WINNT Taskleiste eine LED f r HDD/Floppy und CD-ROM NTHDLED.ZIP
NTHTFX10.ZIP 162407 1998-08-09 14:58:28 Hotfix Control - v1.0 Hotfix Control is a very useful maintenance tool for Windows NT. It takes the hotfix information that resides in your systems registry and allows you to see when and to what files the hotfixes were applied to. NTHTFX10.ZIP
NTLP_284.ZIP 904680 1998-06-09 14:46:44 LaunchPad Event Scheduler - v2.84 LaunchPad offers a variety of options and features to give you the flexibility you need to accomplish all kinds of tasks. LaunchPad's unique condition triggers allow you to monitor your system and choose If and When a task is performed. NTLP_284.ZIP
NTMMG34G.ZIP 810203 1998-07-28 09:39:10 Macro Magic - v3.4g Record any task and make it a macro instantly! Easily automates your most common processes and gives you one touch access to some of the most demanding tasks. Easy enough to use to satisfy the totally clueless. NTMMG34G.ZIP
NTNTN201.ZIP 1308716 1998-05-24 12:36:00 NetInfo - v2.01 Fully configurable, multithreaded program that provides a number of excellent tools to discern network information at the click of a mouse. Easy to understand interface, clean and easy to use. Includes traceroute, NSlookup, service scan, local info, much more. NTNTN201.ZIP
NTNTNF22.ZIP 1317003 1998-08-09 15:03:46 NetInfo - v2.2 Fully configurable, multithreaded program that provides a number of excellent tools to discern network information at the click of a mouse. Easy to understand interface, clean and easy to use. Includes traceroute, NSlookup, service scan, local info, much more. NTNTNF22.ZIP
NTNTXC11.ZIP 159836 1998-07-28 09:39:26 NetExec - v1.1 NetExec is a NT 4.0 Service that makes it possible to log on at a Windows NT machine with several accounts simultaneously. This application allows you to work under different accounts without the need of logging off and on. NTNTXC11.ZIP
NTSEC.ZIP 341009 1997-06-24 13:23:58 Darauf duerften viele NT Kommandozeilen-Fans schon lange gewartet haben: mit dieser Sammlung von Kommandozeilen-Programmen von Keith Woodard koennen Sie Zugriffsrechte und Eigentuemerrechte unter NT direkt mit Befehlen, ohne den Dateimanager, manipulieren und sie auch auflisten lassen oder sichern und restaurieren. Sehr nuetzlich! [Shareware] NTSEC.ZIP
NTSEC19A.ZIP 362974 1997-05-29 16:16:00 Utilities for modifying NTFS permissions NTSEC19A.ZIP
NTSEC34.ZIP 750701 1997-11-09 23:07:04 README.TXT (for version 3.3) NT Command Line Security Utilities 3.3 Copyright 1996,1997 Keith Woodard All Rights Reserved NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS - COME AND VISIT: NEW WITH VERSION 3.3 -- MAJOR PERFORMANCE RELEASE !!!!! The NT Command Line Security Utilities contain several programs for manipulating and viewing NT file security attributes and NT registry security. These programs provide a method for scripting and non- destructively changing permissions. Here are a list of the programs: NTFS::: saveacl.exe - saves file, directory and ownership permissions to a file restacl.exe - restores file permissions and ownership from a saveacl file listacl.exe - lists file permissions in human readable format swapacl.exe - swaps permissions from one user or group to another grant.exe - grants permissions to users/groups on files revoke.exe - revokes permissions to users/groups on files igrant.exe - grants permisssions to NTSEC34.ZIP
NTSEC401.ZIP 875343 1998-01-14 16:04:00 Manipulate NTFS/Share/Registry and Auditing Permissions NTSEC401.ZIP
NTSFT25D.ZIP 360954 1998-07-16 14:22:26 SafetyScan - v2.5d SafetyScan finds and cleans error producing files from your system, recovering your precious disk space and preventing the problems that these files create. SafetyScan has the capabilities to scan multiple hard drives and can also be run automaitcally through the included scheduler. NTSFT25D.ZIP
NTSW_17C.ZIP 1336749 1998-07-28 10:22:30 Schedule Wizard 98 - v1.7c Allows you to schedule programs to run, schedule messages to pop-up, keep a list of dated reminders or appointments, and keep a to do list. Scheduling can be done with many variations including advanced warnings and alarms, and most importantly, it can be done with ease! NTSW_17C.ZIP
NTYT67B7.ZIP 867402 1998-08-09 15:03:24 YATS32 (Yet Another Time Synchronizer) - v6.7 Build 774 This utility lets you automatically set your system clock to any of a number of time services available via the Internet or your corporate intranet. It supports multiple servers and time service protocols. It will even poll a list of different servers until it gets a valid time stamp. Included is an Internet Time Server Directory dialogue allowing direct selection from extensive list of national and international servers. Several enhancements have been made in this update. Now can run as a Windows NT service. NTYT67B7.ZIP
OODB201.ZIP 1576837 1998-01-25 22:04:54 Disk defragmenter for Windows NT evaluation due to 31.1.98 OODB201.ZIP
OODEF12G.ZIP 1280482 1998-05-31 19:07:58 O&O-Defrag v1.2 Beta Build 43 DEUTSCH 30-Tage Testversion - defragmentiert FAT-und NTFS-Partitionen - bietet voellige Datensicherheit durch NT-eigene Funktionen - besitzt 2 Defragmentierungsmodi (SPACE und COMPLETE) - leicht erlernbare grafische Benutzerober- flaeche in Englisch und Deutsch (diese Version nur in Englisch) - laeuft unter Windows NT 4.0 Workstation und Server ab Service Pack 2 Registrierung: 99,- DM fuer deutsche Version (1) 70,- DM fuer englische Version (1) die deutsche Version enthaelt wahlweise die englische Sprache Neu in v1.2 Beta -Angabe der geschaetzten Endzeit fuer die Analyse bzw. Defragmentierung -Unterstuetzung von Wechsellaufwerken, z.B. 120 MB Floppies und MODs -einstellbare Prozessprioritaet zur optimalen Systemauslastung -beschleunigte Graphikausgabe -Unterstuetzung illegaler NT-Dateinamen, z.B. Macintosh-Dateien auf NT-Servern -Optimierung der SPACE- und COMPLETE-Methoden -native Defragmentierung des NT-Pagefiles auf allen Systemen OODEF12G.ZIP
OWNCALC1.ZIP 70576 1997-08-19 18:13:12 OWN Calculator V1.0 from O.W.N. OWNCALC, the calculator with the functions I always wanted. View inputs, store values or expressions in memory that you can see and edit. Also with ratio and conversion functions. OWNCALC1.ZIP
QICKC2.ZIP 2029573 1998-06-01 19:10:30 QuickClean Version 2.06 The easiest and CHEAPEST way of maintaining your hard-drive(s) and/or Network(s). QuickClean is good for everyone. You can reclaim upto 80meg of hard-drive space in some cases, whilst others can see a minimum of 5meg savings on the first run with QuickCl QICKC2.ZIP
REGMONNT.ZIP 35401 1998-01-19 14:21:02 NTREGMON v3.1 - Windows NT Registry Monitor REGMONNT.ZIP
RGHTCOPY.ZIP 1408401 1998-05-21 19:06:20 RGHTCOPY.EXE 1,410,896 Copy files includeing file-permissions on WinNT w/NTFS RGHTCOPY.ZIP
RPSSRV.ZIP 203645 1998-01-14 16:07:44 Remote shutdown/reboot/batch/launch client and server. RPSSRV.ZIP
RT.ZIP 1086971 1997-09-09 18:21:56 RasTracker(R)V1.36 for the Microsoft RT.ZIP
SECMGR16.ZIP 513107 1997-08-17 18:21:52 Security Manager 1.6 f r Windows NT SECMGR16.ZIP
SHDN12U1.ZIP 307060 1997-06-06 05:44:56 ShutDown NOW! v1.2u1 (update 1) * Easy and fast/timered shutdown! for Win95 AND NT v3.5x/4.0 ShutDown NOW! (SHDN) is an appli- cation to make it easier, faster and more comfortable to shut down Windows 95 - or Windows NT(tm) ver- sion 3.51 or 4.0. It also has a timer so you can set when you want your computer to shutdown automatically: - shutdown from system-tray with a double-click - two countdowns (24-h and from 1 to 9,999,999 seconds) - start countdown every time when ShutDown NOW! / Windows starts - options: shutdown / relogging / shutdown and reboot / notebook power-off mode and test mode (opt. with or w/o force close) - force closing ('hanging') running applications and shutdown system - schedule every file type of your system before shut down it NEW: with- or without warning message! (commandl./shortcut parameter with timeout value) - initialize all local drives to prevent power-off/on failures if you shutdown before a drive has been powered up - enable or disable boot- and shut- SHDN12U1.ZIP
SMON300.ZIP 953401 1998-01-14 12:18:14 Monitor Windows NT services SMON300.ZIP
STORMW21.ZIP 1197933 1998-02-23 23:44:22 StormWindows [TM] for Windows NT4 Security Application for Windows NT4 V.2.10 StormWindows [TM] for Windows NT4 will allow the authorized user to add several types of protections to the desktop and system of a Windows NT Workstation. Intelligent use of StormWindows security measures will allow secure use of any shared Windows NT PC. StormWindows protections would probably be most useful to someone in charge of a number of computers at a school or business, or a small-network manager. Reason for version: Latest Windows NT version, incorporating features for NT4 STORMW21.ZIP
SUITE16.ZIP 6290683 1998-01-14 16:09:02 Admin\Development Utility SUITE16.ZIP
SVCP12.ZIP 170319 1998-01-14 16:03:32 NT Services Admin Utility (Start,Restart,Remove,etc.) SVCP12.ZIP
TSIZEPRO.ZIP 989074 1997-08-24 18:30:58 Powerfull and flexible space manager, excel export TSIZEPRO.ZIP
UP_TO_MP.ZIP 42979 1998-03-12 19:01:46 "Up to Multiprocessor"... fuer Windows NT Dieses Utility wird benoetigt, wenn nachtraeglich eine weitere CPU installiert werden soll, OHNE das Betriebssystem neu installieren zu muessen. UP_TO_MP.ZIP
USERS101.ZIP 111384 1998-01-14 16:11:44 Creates user accounts on NT PDC USERS101.ZIP
WFDLLV11.ZIP 157231 1998-09-28 19:03:48 Establish a relationship between programs and DLL's WFDLLV11.ZIP
WIN2U104.ZIP 822086 1998-01-14 12:21:50 Remote control Win 95/NT from Win 3.x/95/NT/OS2 or WEB WIN2U104.ZIP
WINHEX66.ZIP 131258 1998-09-06 19:08:20 German Hex Editor with a lot of functions WINHEX66.ZIP
WINIMA40.ZIP 286889 1997-08-19 18:13:18 WINIMAGE-4.00<ASP>THE WINDOWS DMF DISK IMAGER WinImage does all disk image operations under Windows (WinNT,Win95,Win32s). New: hard disk imaging,EXE image self-extractor, Creates disk images from floppies, extract files from images, make an empty image, inject files into it and put the image on blank disk. Write DMF. It opens CDROM ISO image file in read only, compresses image files (ZIP compatible), comments in image, drag files to explorer. English version (foreign extention exists also) WINIMA40.ZIP
WINTUNE.ZIP 1437228 1997-12-04 18:17:32 AL WinTune_97_for_NT kompetentes System-Benchmark-Tool fuer Windows NT. Englisch, Freeware, WinNT WINTUNE.ZIP
WRUNNING.ZIP 89958 1998-01-14 12:17:50 view and config programs that Windows runs at startup WRUNNING.ZIP
XRS.ZIP 154338 1998-01-14 16:01:52 search registry in keynames, valuenames, valuedata, ... XRS.ZIP
Y2KFIXI.ZIP 588568 1998-05-24 19:07:18 YEAR 2000 FIX HOTFIX fuer Windows NT 4.0 Y2KFIXI.ZIP
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