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DOS Programs

  • PNTLCVRT (Pointlist Conversion, any format)
    Aktuelle Version 5.93
    Last Update 16.10.2021
    Description PointLists-Converter all formats v5.93
    Fake-, Boss-, Point, Poss-Format
    conversions between all formats
    all formats conditional split
    into subsegments, with Nodelist lookup
    Fixes: Zones > 5, ?-handl, Pvt-handl
    Multiple Regions, multi zone aware
    y2k tested
    Fixed Pvt IP-Only Nodes handling
    Multiple segments input *.upd
    NPK mode for central inbound conversions
    Add auto strip zip code and simple
    dupe pointnumber test and fix.
    R24 oldstyle fakenets mode
    FIDO-HISTORY-PROJECT recovery mode
    network/win32 aware filedate touch (updated)br> R23 fakenet support for ,UBOSS:net/node
    CRC check of sourcefiles (if exist)
    Add Fidouser format conversions
    add parameters: CRC, COPYRIGHT, PROLOG, EPILOG,
    removed parameters: IGN_SYSOPNAM_BEGIN, IGN_SYSOPNAM_END
    new Index Level H for UPDCHCK >=5.90
    Makenl missing komma fix
    History Changelog PNTLCVRT
    Download PNTCV593.ZIP   PNTCV593.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

  • UPDCHECK (Pointlist Segment Checker for NPKs, RPKs)
    Aktuelle Version 5.90
    Last Update 14.06.2012
    Description UPD-Checker rel 14.06.2009, [v5.90]
    reads makenl ctl's (incl.generic files,
    readress);cleans makenl.ctl;
    pvt-status handle;
    Multiple Regions; multi zone aware;
    RIAS support; y2k tested;
    ERRFLAGS.TAB nodelistflags-check,
    -convert and more; fileage-check;
    netmail-notifying; re-check Masterdir;
    adaption CHKPHONE; Templatefiles;
    AutoCreateFakenets; uvam.
    0Ah line term. fix with large upds
    PVT IP-Only nodes support.
    Accepts phone: 000-000-000-000
    Nodelist support now mandatory!
    new Index Level H with PNTLCVRT >= v5.90
    Upgrade procedure: see upgrade.doc
    network/win32 aware filedate touch (updated) fixed CHecKNoDeListFLags module
    History Changelog UPDCHCK
    Download UPDC590.ZIP   UPDC590.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

  • EDTNL (EditNl Clone)
    Aktuelle Version 1.18
    Last Update 02.01.2010
    Description EdtNL Version 1.18, NODELIST Editor Program
    referenced to the original EditNL by Ben Baker
    compiles ftn lists with unlimited lines
    compiles unlimited diffs in one execution, limited only by available memory
    packer support for ARC, ARJ, LZH, RAR, ZIP
    approved CRC16 routines
    fixed filedate check
    add /DI switch ignoring filedates
    now more robust about diff handling
    pre '99 PLMAKE compiler versions support
    network/win32 aware filedate touch (updated)
    History Changelog EDTNL
    Download EDTNL118.ZIP   EDTNL118.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

  • BINKHM (BINKley History Manager)
    Aktuelle Version 4.35
    Last Update 17.08.2012
    Description BINKley History Manager 4.35
    incl. BT26XE.beta8 specials
    changed database struct.
    sharable logs read.
    y2k proved >= v1.7x
    UUCICO support
    Clean Logfiles
    New: BinkD support upto v1.0
    New: Costs analyse
    Hotfix: i/o Routine
    Hotfix: undef. sessions
    many BinkD fixes
    Binkley History Manager Freq. Magic 'BINKHM'
    History Changelog BINKHM
    Download BHM435.ZIP   BHM435.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software, Binkley Tools

    Aktuelle Version 1.30
    Last Update 12.10.2013
    Description PLdiff v1.30 Pointlists Diffing tool
    creates difference files from an old and a new nodelist
    also multiple missing diffs can be created
    using disk based search for differences (slower than memory based tools)
    no more memory problems about memory overflows as of big lists
    can handle z2pnt lists with 2,6 Mb and massive differences
    i.e. add a new region with 2 Mb
    other tools stops with message 'too many differences'
    speedup with modified sync process using filebased index
    History Changelog PLDIFF
    Download PLDF130.ZIP   PLDF130.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

    Aktuelle Version 1.45
    Last Update 16.06.2021
    Description PLmakeCL v1.45 Pointlist create tool
    based on PLMAKE by Michiel van der Vlist
    that ends in runtime errors.
    PLMAKECL makes use of diskbased
    diffing algorythm so memory usage is no longer any problem.
    creates ftn Boss format lists with full lines check: sysop's
    one word only names, phone field checks,
    baud field checks, nodelist flags check and corrections.
    crc16 calculation included.
    nodelist check included
    uses nodelist index of PNTLCVRT and UPDCHCK.
    History Changelog PLMAKECL
    Download PLMCL145.ZIP   PLMCL145.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

  • ViReq/Clp
    Aktuelle Version 1.02
    Last Update 15.11.2013
    Description ViReq/Clp v1.02 DOS, OS/2, Win32 Frequest processor
    based on ViReq by Volker Imre (1998-2001)
    -works with SRIF standard FSC-0086.001
    -fully PKT type 2+ aware
    -supports fts-0001, fsc-0039, fsc-0048
    -no filebase needed.
    -no files.bbs needed.
    Clp version fixes a bug, of ViReq where response files never gets written.
    History Changelog VIREQCLP
    Download VIRQCL12.ZIP   VIRQCL12.ZIP
    Category Fidonet related Software

PHP Scripts

  • DLIMP (PHPNUKE Filebase to Downloads Section Import, PHPNUKE-TIC Import)
    Aktuelle Version 2.00-rc1
    Last Update 18.12.2006
    Description DLIMP/DLTIC v2.00-rc1
    FTN Filebase to PHP-Nuke Downloads
    Sync and TIC tools.
    Incl. Configuration and
    Maintenance Tools
    Synchronisiert eine FTN Filebase
    mit einer PHP-Nuke Downloads
    Sektionen und Areas Installation
    Inkl. Installations Prozedur
    by U.Schroeter, 2:244/1120
    Released under GNU/GPL v2
    History Changelog DLIMP
    Download DLIMP200.ZIP   DLIMP200.ZIP
    Category PHP-NUKE AddOn
    Project Website DLIMP: PHP-Nuke - FileBase to Download Import

  • BINKD_NODELISTER.PHP (BinkD Nodelist Compiler)
    Aktuelle Version 1.4.0
    Last Update 12.11.2022
    Program to parse the raw FidoNet nodelist and split out a
    BinkD-compatible list (Default: BinkD.TXT => Fileecho I-BINKD)

    BINKD_NODELISTER.PHP is the PHP port of the previous
    BINKD_NODELISTER.PL script v1.0
    Copyright © 2002 by Jerry Schwartz and Write by Night

    Copyright © 2016 by Wilfred van Velzen, 2:280/464

    Copyright © 2007-2013, 2022 by Ulrich Schroeter, 2:240/1120

    This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License.
    History Changelog BINKD_NODELISTER_PHP
    Download BNLPHP14.ZIP (v1.4.0)   BNLPHP14.ZIP
    Category BinkD AddOn, Fidonet related Software, Binkley Tools

  • NODELIST.PHP (Fido-History-Project Online Archive Script)
    Aktuelle Version 6.2.15
    Last Update 20.08.2018
    Description - FIDO-HISTORY PROJECT Archive -
    (3rd Generation, 1984-2018 ff.)
    * NodeList's / NodeDiff's
    * PointList's / PointDiff's
    * Fidonews
    Form based upon: nodelist_search.php Version 1.2
    Copyright © 2003 Jerry Schwartz 1:142/928 and WriteByNight
    Nodelist lister script adopted from The FidoNet Showcase Project (Offline)
    Modified for Nodelist/Nodediff/Pointlist/Pointdiffs and Fidonews listing by U.Schroeter, 2007 ff. (v6.x)
    History Changelog NODELIST_PHP
    Category Fido-History-Project

  • NDL2DB (former: NLARCHIVE2) (Fido-History-Project Nodelist DB Import Script)
    Aktuelle Version 2.11
    Last Update 21.08.2011
    Description - FIDO-HISTORY PROJECT Nodelist to DB Import -
    Script based upon Alex Woicks Perl script suggestion
    PHP port of the Perl script.
    History Changelog NDL2DB
    Category Fido-History-Project

  • NLARCHIVE2 Web Search Form (Fido-History-Project Web Search Form)
    Aktuelle Version 2.60.1
    Last Update 29.05.2017
    Description - FIDO-HISTORY PROJECT Web Search Form -
    Script Web Search Form for Nodelist data history.
    History Changelog NLARCHIVE2
    Download NLARCHIVE2_v2-60-1.php   NLARCHIVE2_v2-60-1.php
    Category Fido-History-Project

  • FB2IMP *.MSG to MySQL import (Fido-History-Project Fidobase2)
    Aktuelle Version 0.05
    Last Update 07.05.2010
    Description - FIDO-HISTORY PROJECT *.MSG to MySQL import -
    MySQL Fidobase2 project. *.MSG messages import script into MySQL database. and Fidobase to Fidobase2 MySQL reorg.
    History Changelog FB2IMP
    Category Fido-History-Project, FidoBase Project


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