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W32Too - Fidonet Win32:_Tools
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AAPR.ZIP 558011 1998-11-12 01:30:32 <ASP> Advanced ARJ Password Recovery v1.05 AAPR.ZIP
ACPR.ZIP 62909 1999-02-27 07:40:58 Advanced Access 95/97 Password Recovery 1.0 <ASP> ACPR.ZIP
AE97PR.ZIP 614462 1999-02-27 07:39:22 Advanced Excel 97 Password Recovery 1.0 <ASP> AE97PR.ZIP
APKSCT2.ZIP 208700 1998-05-06 00:13:02 APK SuperCache-NT Tuning Engine Version 2.0 For WindowsNT users of EEC System's "SuperCache-NT" UltraFast DiskCache for NT! A tuning system that allows users of this most excellent program to REALLY BOOST ITS POWER painlessly (No more registry hassling on bad entries that cause "BSOD" by creating erroneous entries thru Human Error and also thru bad parameter calculations that exceed amount of memory possible while using it). It was tested by EEC themselves and the 3.0 VLM series is available at their site. I wrote this one for the 2.0 users (like myself) to utilize to get the most from their investment in SuperCache NT 2.XX series. Boost your diskcaching times up to 300% with this added to your SuperCache 2.XX series driver and watch NT diskspeeds FLY and fine tune like DOS users could do with good old SmartDrive thru a GUI!!! APKSCT2.ZIP
AW97PR.ZIP 639709 1999-02-27 07:38:38 Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery 1.0 <ASP> AW97PR.ZIP
AZPR.ZIP 167766 1998-03-27 15:14:32 Advanced ZIP Password Recovery v0.93 AZPR.ZIP
AZPR20.ZIP 573633 1999-01-28 13:29:48 Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 2.0 (ASP) AZPR20.ZIP
BOOTHD.ZIP 10522 1998-05-06 00:15:34 BOOTHD Version 1.10 A utility which enables P6 "Write Combining" on Pentium Pro and Pentium II systems.The result is far better performance in graphics programs such as 3D games or profssional rendering software. Speedup can be as high as 400 %. Work both on PCI and AGP machines. BOOTHD.ZIP
BOOTPA20.ZIP 20735 1998-04-30 03:08:40 BOOTPART 2.0 : Boot Partitition for WinNT. Easy tool to add a partition to the Windows NT multi boot menu (for example, OS/2 boot manager or Linux partition). NEW : Easy addition of Dos6.22 and Win95 in WinNT menu, repair the WinNT boot sector. Small freeware from G. Vollant (WinImage). Web : homepages/gvollant/othertl.htm BOOTPA20.ZIP
BX100264.ZIP 1043723 1998-05-06 00:17:20 BXCOPY Version 1.00.264 A Real-time Background Backup and Directory Mirroring Tool, designed exclusively for the Microsoft Windows NT Operating System. BXCOPY keeps backup data IDENTICAL to the original data at ANY MOMENT IN TIME, making your work and important files crash-proof. BXCOPY runs on the background at idle priority, watches for any data changes and automatically mirrors these changes to any number a local or remote backup targets. BX100264.ZIP
D1EVT121.ZIP 65967 1998-04-30 03:08:40 dump1evt 1.2 for Windows NT (c)1997 Isabelle Vollant Dump of one type of event of the eventlog in a text file freeware by Isabelle Vollant ( D1EVT121.ZIP
DEFUSER.ZIP 119132 1998-02-04 08:17:26 NT Default User Registry Editor Mit den NT Default User Registry Editor kann man Hintergrund, Screensaver und Nachrichten vor dem Einloggen steuern. DEFUSER.ZIP
DEVICE_1.ZIP 632903 1998-11-08 04:54:50 DeviceLock(tm) for Windows NT DeviceLock allows network administrators to specify which users can access devices (ports, floppies, MOs, and so on) on the local computer. Once DeviceLock is installed, administrators can assign permissions to LPT ports, CD-ROMs, COM Ports, or any other device, just as they would to any share on the hard disk. Remote control is also available. DEVICE_1.ZIP
DEVICLO.ZIP 42376 1998-05-06 00:18:38 DeviceLock Version 1.1 Freeware Now you can set access to the drives (floppy, CD-ROM, fixed, network & etc.) on your computers (like sharing resources) for selected users. DEVICLO.ZIP
DKLITE.ZIP 1296137 1998-05-06 04:34:46 Diskeeper Lite ist eine ltere Version des Festplaten-Defrag -Programmes Diskeeper. Vorteil dieser Version: Sie ist Freeware und braucht nicht lizensiert zu werden. DKLITE.ZIP
DRSDW.ZIP 117721 1998-05-17 23:53:10 DameWare Remote Shut Down Version 32-bit custom control for use with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and HTML/ASP Web pages or any environment that can host ActiveX controls. DameWare Remote Shut Down enables a client machine to shut down a Windows NT machine remotely, with several options including Reboot After Shutdown, Kill Applications Without Saving Data and Use Control Dialog. DameWare Remote Shut Down uses Windows NT security for authentication to the target machine to shut down and will allow the time (in seconds) of delay to be specified before the event is fired. A message may also be added to display within the Shut Down dialog box. DRSDW.ZIP
DWS101E.ZIP 208023 1998-05-06 00:20:32 Java Animation Chat Version 1.01e Easily create and host 2.5-D animated graphical chat environments! Ideal for sponsored events and product placement advertising. Windows NT Server and Java client integrate seamlessly with existing web sites. DWS101E.ZIP
EDITEUR.ZIP 192712 1997-09-07 18:52:30 Editeur V2.1 text editor for Windows NT. A full featured, all-users text editor. Handles Windows, Dos, and Unix files. Multitext, no size limit. Font choice. Tool and status bars. Editing options incude word wrap and viewing of tabs/paragraphs/spaces. Unlimited undo/redo, multitext search/replace , bookmarks, macros, sortings, help, ... $ 24. Registration includes access to the future versions. EDITEUR.ZIP
EFFEVENT.ZIP 19104 1998-05-06 00:21:30 EFFEVENT Version 1.0 Freeware Erase the content of the eventlog of Windows NT with or without back up. You can use this command with AT to erase automaticaly the eventlog. EFFEVENT.ZIP
EVCX.ZIP 1419604 1998-05-06 00:22:54 evcX - Event Controller X Version 1.0 Lets you scan your Windows NT Event Log for new events and post them by e-Mail. It's a "must have" for all serious System Operators. evcX supports MAPI and VIM comliant Mail Systems. You can filter out events not needed. You can send events to multiple recipients. Multithreaded WIN32 executable. Scan multiple servers at the same time in specific intervalls. Support for Event Message Files not installed on local computer. EVCX.ZIP
FOWNR100.ZIP 34686 1998-04-30 03:08:40 fowner is an NT command line utility to display all files on an NTFS volume belonging to or not belonging to a specific user. The output is simple and well suited for further processing via piping or redirection. Requires Windows NT. Full Delphi 2+ source is included. Freeware by Magnus Baeck <>. FOWNR100.ZIP
KEEPRASU.ZIP 601909 1998-05-31 21:34:30 KeepRASUp Version 0.9 Win NT Shareware A NT service which keeps a RAS connection active even when there is no user currently logged on a computer and since the systems starts. Its current version was designed to run over asynchronous leased lines and connects any computer running Windows NT 4.0 Server or Workstation to a Cisco 25XX router. It is the fastest, inexpensive and most reliable solution for any company that needs remote access. KEEPRASU.ZIP
LPNT.ZIP 3196947 1998-05-06 00:25:38 LaunchPad Version 1.33 A 32-bit ButtonBar/toolbar for Windowsv NT hat uses drag-n-drop to add your favorite programs, documents, folders, dial-up items, etc. to a convenient toolbar! Advanced features include WindowShade, Always on Top, Tooltips, Button text, and more. Arrange your buttons with drag-n-drop ease, and choose from various button styles/sizes. You can restart, logoff and shut-down your system, eject removable disks, and even copy files by dropping them onto buttons representing drives/folder that YOU create! This elegant program is optimized for space, customization, convenience and speed. LPNT.ZIP
NETEXE.ZIP 81740 1998-04-30 03:08:40 NetExec is a NT 4.0 Service, which allows you to start any program under a different account (like UNIX su). The package includes a comfortable frontend and a desktop manager which allows you to create multiple desktops under different accounts. NETEXE.ZIP
NNCPY102.ZIP 843027 1997-11-05 18:22:24 nnCOPY v1.02e for Windows 95/NT. Copy tool for software development teams. Define projects and team members. Assign ownership to files under Windows! Sync directories on local and shared drives. Exchange files between team members depending on timestamp and file ownership. Show copy history. No more problems like, "oops, I edited Mark's file". Easy point and click operation. NNCPY102.ZIP
NTABTM45.ZIP 29253 1998-07-28 09:42:08 AboutTime - v4.5 Synchronize you computer -- or your entire network! AboutTime is both a time client and server -- it will acquire a precise time value from the Internet, set your computer's clock, and it will act as a timeserver as well -- it will provide time signals to your local network using four time protocols. NTABTM45.ZIP
NTEZR222.ZIP 615615 1998-08-09 14:58:20 Erazer 98 - v2.2.2 Erazer 98 is a Windows 95/98/NT4/NT5 program to help recover disk space. Finds backup, object & temporary files that might be candidates for deletion and allows the user to delete one or more of these files. The user can also use his/her own "filters" in the search for the "crap" files. NTEZR222.ZIP
NTFI121.ZIP 227153 1998-05-31 18:23:06 File Investigator - v1.21 File Investigator is a program that identifies a file by its content rather than filename extension. Most applications only look at a file's extension when identifying or loading it. If the file has the wrong extension or the application just doesn't recognize the extension, then you are out of luck. This engine also extracts valuable information out $ sound file sampling rates, document titles, and much more. It then adds general information about that particular file type/format. NTFI121.ZIP
NTM2DEMO.ZIP 4930291 1998-05-17 23:46:56 NTManage Version 2.08 An innovative network management product which provides powerful graphical fault/performance monitoring and rule-based notification. NTManage supports Windows NT specific management in the form of NT Performance Counter and NT Service monitoring. In addition, with extensive SNMP support, NTManage is equally at home monitoring your managed hubs, routers, and UNIX servers. Notification support includes numeric and alphanumeric paging, SMTP E-mail, audio/visual console alerts, and SNMP traps. In addition, NTManage includes a Visual Basic compatible scripting interface which provides a gateway to unlimited monitoring customization. NTM2DEMO.ZIP
NTMVS511.ZIP 1278772 1998-08-09 14:58:50 Visual Split Studio 98 - v5.11 File splitting program that can create self-uniting EXE files. Can specify the exact size and name of each piece, or split to floppies automatically. NTMVS511.ZIP
NTPC215B.ZIP 2252368 1998-09-14 19:11:28 PCOpus 2.15b Evaluation Latest version of the filemanager NTPC215B.ZIP
NTUNDEL.ZIP 648394 1997-09-07 18:52:24 Undelete for NT 4.0 Trial-Version NTUNDEL.ZIP
NTVERS_1.ZIP 16266 1998-05-31 21:35:24 NTVersion Version 1.0 Win NT Freeware This NT console app will give you the version, build, and service pach level of the computer that it is run on. In addition, it will tell you which Hotfixes are installed and give you a description of the problem that they fix. NTVERS_1.ZIP
OODEF10.ZIP 1263714 1998-05-06 00:31:20 O & O Defrag Version 1.0 A new disk defragmenter for Windows NT. It has an easy-to-learn graphical user interface and offers two methods of defragmenting FAT- and NTFS-partitions: SPACE is very quick and efficient; COMPLETE also reorganizes your partition to get the best performance. It is the first tool to take care of NT s pagefile, and provides several features to make usage as easy as possible: automatic scheduling, cluster inspection, and detailed disk information. OODEF10.ZIP
QR.ZIP 11412 1998-05-06 00:34:26 TrayRes Version 1.0 Freeware Lets you change display mode using icon on system tray or command line parameters. It also displays current video mode. Program lets you customize modes included to list and check selected video mode. It also has command line parameter to set VGA mode. Utility is very small and does not use MFC, VB or any other runtime library. QR.ZIP
RATSVL13.ZIP 944198 1998-05-06 00:35:46 RATFS Version 1.003 Terapoint's RATFS allows users to access their Windows NT tape drive as if it were a disk drive. You can create files and folders on your tape and directly access them using Explorer. RATSVL13.ZIP
REGISET.ZIP 1975127 1998-05-06 00:36:52 RegiSet Version 1.0 A shareware program designed for Windows NT 4.0 that allows administrators to change many useful registry settings through a safe and user friendly environment. You can configure the following settings with RegiSet: automate the Windows NT logon process, create a logon security warning, customise the logon screen, edit the browser role of a Windows NT machine on a network, enable logging of various system services, configure various aspects of the file systems and customise replication settings. REGISET.ZIP
REGMON.ZIP 173391 1998-05-06 00:37:30 RegMonExNT Version 2.0 Freeware A registry monitoring tool. It logs every access to you registry. This version has major improvements for filters. REGMON.ZIP
RP32INTT.ZIP 1432773 1997-05-14 09:59:16 RP32INTT ANYWHERE Remotely Possible ist die ideale Fernwartungssoftware f r Windows NT ab Version 3.51 und Windows 95. Sie k nnen mit dieser Software mehrere Ferwartungs-Sessions gleichzeitig ffnen, Chat w hr RP32INTT.ZIP
RSWNT050.ZIP 27725 1998-05-06 00:39:02 RemoteServices Version 0.5 p1 Freeware A multithreaded GUI application used to start and stop Windows NT services. It integrates into the control panel, and can be used to start and stop services on both local and remote machines. The main feature of RemoteServices for Windows NT is the multithreaded design. Thus, over a slow network link, it is possible to start and stop services as soon as the list of services has been obtained. In a non-multithreaded design, it could be necessary to wait upwards of 30 seconds for configuration information for every service to be downloaded before allowing the user to actually do anything. RSWNT050.ZIP
SCANNT.ZIP 722173 1997-06-14 02:35:54 NT password tester SCANNT.ZIP
SCB1BETA.ZIP 1698194 1998-05-06 00:40:44 Security CheckBox Version 1.0 Freeware A perfect tool for system administrators, security consultants, integrators, and security auditors. It is intended to work on all stages of network security implementation and maintenance process: security assessment, policy definition, establishing system security standards, implementation, reporting and monitoring of configuration changes. Security CheckBox operates with security scripts where you can define the security requirements and corrective actions specific to your environment. Pre-defined security documents distributed with the program specify general operating system security requirements. Security CheckBox SCB1BETA.ZIP
SEMS.ZIP 298819 1997-07-02 06:24:24 FreeWare Email Encyrption SEMS.ZIP
SERVPLUS.ZIP 174336 1998-05-06 04:46:54 (v1.2.020) Service+ is a Windows NT Services Administration Utility, Service+ integrates into the Windows NT Control Panel. Service+ is a very useful utility for Network Manager and Software Developers. Service-It companion utility also available. SERVPLUS.ZIP
SIT.ZIP 20962 1998-05-06 00:41:44 Sit 1.04 - This program groups services on your local or networked computer, and let you start/stop/pause/continue them using an easy tray-icon interface. Be aware, that starting a service also starts all services that the service depends on... ( this means that a start and a following stop not neccesarily stops all services that were started ) SIT.ZIP
SLEEP.ZIP 11548 1997-05-28 12:21:22 32bit console app, sleep x milisec w/src pd SLEEP.ZIP
SMTSEC.ZIP 177550 1998-04-30 03:08:40 SMART SECURITY for WindowsNT. A Windows NT Service that allows access to floppy drives, CD-ROM Drives, Serial and Parallel Ports to be restricted to only those users designated as entitled to use them, by membership of special groups or of the administrator group. Prevent installation of unathorised software or data, or removal of data from the system. Ideal for field notebooks running NT. SMTSEC.ZIP
SPACEH_1.ZIP 247191 1998-06-06 23:56:58 Space Hound Version 1.0 Win NT Shareware $Uses features built into Windows NT to find the files you have not accessed in the past 120 days (user configurable). It then tells NT to use the compression tools built into the kernel to compress the disk space taken by the files you are not using. These files are the help files, DLL and Readme.txt files that many programs install but you hardly ever use. Should you still want the files NT will decompress and recompress them seemlessly in the background without user intervention. All files are fully functional. SPACEH_1.ZIP
SPDDISK.ZIP 1933332 1998-05-06 04:47:42 Norton Speed-Disk Das Programm Norton Speed-Disk defragmentiert Festplatten auch mit NTFS-Dateisystem. Diese Demo-Version l uft 30 Tage. SPDDISK.ZIP
SS40.ZIP 726481 1998-05-17 23:51:36 Statistics Server Version 4.0 A highly optimized Web server used just for live statistics reporting. Hands free, hassle free design is perfect for both Corporations with one Web site and Providers hosting hundreds of Web sites. Get your Free fully functional 30 day trial! SS40.ZIP
SSCHEDU.ZIP 21532 1998-05-17 23:50:26 SmartSchedule Version 2.2 SSCHEDU.ZIP
SYGATE12.ZIP 1240026 1998-05-17 23:49:20 SyGate Version 1.2 Allows an unlimited number of networked computers to share one modem without using a proxy! This full-featured program supports dialup, ISDN, cable modem, xDSL or even dedicated Ethernet connections, and requires virtually no set-up or maintenance. SYGATE12.ZIP
SYSSCAN.ZIP 443267 1998-05-06 04:48:06 (v1.12a) SysScanTools-Disk Cleanup/Sys Util SystemScanTools Shareware-a disk cleanup and system info utility. Finds duplicate files, possibly unused DLLs. Shows internal EXE file version info (both 16 & 32 bit) and links to DLLs. IDs faulty divide error CPUs. Shows programs running in 16 bit mem space.($19.95US+ship, VISA/MC chks/mo only) WWW: EMAIL: SYSSCAN.ZIP
TBNTPREV.ZIP 1744484 1997-06-19 08:22:48 The Visual File Manager for the Internet Age! TBNTPREV.ZIP
UEDIT32.ZIP 216004 1997-09-07 18:52:42 UltraEdit32 1.32 For WinNT BEST WINDOWS NT EDITOR Text and hex editing of huge files Drag and drop support Ins/Ovrstrike No limit on file size Mult Files Context Sensitive Help Search+Repl CUA compliant CR/LF Fixup Inexpensive Shareware $27 (easy reg) !!! NOT CRIPPLEWARE!!! UEDIT32.ZIP
US_DKSRT.ZIP 1897820 1998-05-06 00:46:00 Diskeeper Version 3.0 Server Diskeeper can now move, consolidate and defragment directory files, includes group scheduling for single, hundreds or thousands of disks or computers - with just a few mouse clicks, and an easy analyze feature allows administrators to quickly look at any disk on the system and evaluate fragmentation. US_DKSRT.ZIP
VOPTNTS.ZIP 1138040 1998-05-06 00:48:24 VoptNT Version 1.0 A very safe and fast defrag utility for Windows NT 4.0. Allows you to schedule automatic defrags for multiple hard drives and partitions. Supports NTFS and FAT. VOPTNTS.ZIP
WDEVT12.ZIP 125015 1998-04-30 03:08:40 WDumpEvt 1.2 for Windows NT (c)1997-1998 Isabelle Vollant Manage (Erase, save or Dump) the eventlog of local or remote Windows NT station or Server. Shareware by Isabelle Vollant ( Web : Heights/3465/WDumpEvt.html (english) (francais) WDEVT12.ZIP
WINED32I.ZIP 533973 1997-09-07 18:53:52 WinEdit for Windows NT!! 3.0B (ASP) Programmable Editor for Windows NT. Now with Chroma-coding. Fast, full featured editor. High speed, very powerful. Edits any size files. Macro scripting language, WinEdit 32 for Intel processors. $129.95 WINED32I.ZIP
WPOP2NT4.ZIP 1306401 1998-05-17 23:48:40 WebPOP for MDaemon (WinNT) Version 2.0 Provides to its users most of the functions and features available to normal mail client software packages, plus a number of features that most clients do not have. Best of all, instead of requiring mail client software to be installed and individually configured on each user's machine, WebPOP 2.0 is accessed through the use of Internet Web Browsers. NOTE: Requires MDaemon 2.73 WPOP2NT4.ZIP
WS98NT.ZIP 2658539 1999-04-19 09:26:38 WinSecure fuer Windows NT Mit WinSecure98 kann man Teile des Betriebs- systems sperren und somit verhindern, dass unbefugte Systemeinstellungen aendern, Dateien loeschen, bestimmte Programme starten oder die Telefonrechnung durch Online-Nutzung drastisch erhoehen. Die Einschraenkung kann man durch Passworteingabe deaktivieren und wieder aktivieren. WS98NT.ZIP
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