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W95Dev - Fidonet Win95:_Development
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
BUGTRK11.ZIP 315225 1997-07-05 12:02:36 BugTrack Version 1.1 WIN95 prog BugTrack is a bug management software which keeps track of bugs, release notes, to-do lists, etc. It lets you keep track of each bug's history(items). It is appropriate for small to medium size software development environment. This program can also be used as a starting point of writing a typical database application. Source code is available, in 100% 32-bit Visual Basic, using Access database engine and Crystal Reports. BUGTRK11.ZIP
CC32A.ZIP 4301692 1997-02-26 01:17:34 Programmer's code librarian WIN95 CC32A.ZIP
CPR31232.ZIP 544911 1997-08-22 10:24:00 Protects/registers DLLs for Shareware authors CPR31232.ZIP
CSDIFF11.ZIP 358855 1997-07-05 12:07:34 ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) is a powerful text file difference analysis tool for Windows 95/NT. Use it to analyze what have changed between two revisions of the same file. CSDiff is usually used to analyze program source files and HTML documents. WIN95 prog CSDIFF11.ZIP
CSLIN211.ZIP 1374040 1997-06-11 15:08:34 - A C++ database library A database library for C++ developers using the Borland, Watcom or Microsoft compilers. MS-DOS as well as Windows, NT and OS/2 applications are supported. A series of classes in combination with a program generator is used to build databases with automatically updated indexes, easy access to fields, support for DATE fields, exporting to dBASE and so on. It also contains classes for variable-length records, virtual heaps, etc. It produces stand-alone executables. WIN95 prog CSLIN211.ZIP
DISABLE.ZIP 15577 1997-06-12 11:40:18 Disable OCX v1.6: Visual Basic Custom Control DISABLE.ZIP
JAVAS10.ZIP 156254 1997-04-09 10:25:18 Multi-threaded Java development environment Win95/NT JAVAS10.ZIP
METAGIFD.ZIP 60964 1997-04-09 10:25:24 Convert Metafiles to Gif, new gif support (32DLL) METAGIFD.ZIP
RECORD32.ZIP 18798 1997-05-05 02:39:10 Record, store and playback keystrokes and mouse events RECORD32.ZIP
VOCOM11.ZIP 1025447 1997-02-26 01:17:56 Vocom (V1.1) is a complete programming package (editor, debugger, compiler, extra utilities etc..) to develop Voice Mail like systems with any standard DIALOGIC or compatible computer telephony cards. Completely developed by indipendent programmers VOCOM offers tons of useful features, great documentation and the lowest priece around. WIN95 programmer VOCOM11.ZIP
W32DASM8.ZIP 915065 1997-06-12 11:40:54 W32DASM v7.0: Disassembler/Debugger W32DASM8.ZIP
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